Yellow manual push sweeper machine

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This product is useful for small size hospitals, shopping malls, small factories etc.


  • Quality warranty: 1-2 years.
  • After sales service: Online support,video technical support, free spare parts, field installation,commissioning and training,field maintenance and repair service,engineers available to service machinery overseas.
  • OEM&ODM: complete OEM&ODM ability and solution.
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    Machine feature:
    1. No need power source: You can easily recycle the rubbish into the dustbin by walking with your hands
    2. Green environmental protection: no noise, no emissions, suitable for any quiet, pollution-free places
    3. Labor saving: the sweeping efficiency is 4-6 times of the artificial broom
    4. Durable: the whole machine is made of engineering plastics, resistant to corrosion, aging and deformation
    5. Convenient storage and transportation: portable handle is convenient to handle, and vertical storage saves space
    6. Dustbin is easy to load and unload, closed tightly, and can hold acid, alkali, salt, oil and dirt and other corrosive garbage, the main parts are made of engineering plastic, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, non-deformation, the rotating parts use closed precision bearings, so that the whole machine operation is flexible, and labor saving.
    7.Handrails with adjustable design, can adapt to the use of different height needs, and can be folded upright storage, saving space, convenient storage and transportation.
    8.This machine has the advantages of novel shape, convenient use, green environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, and the cleaning efficiency is 4-6 times of the traditional manual broomstick. It is especially suitable for streets, housing estate, parks, courtyards, schools, workshops, warehouses and large activity venues where power-driven cleaning equipment is not suitable.

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