ZSK4950×4 Horizontal four spindle drilling tapping milling compound machine

Short Description:

Single side two spindle unit, HIWIN linear rail slide push the spindle unit at the same time to complete drilling, tapping, milling process

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    Product Function

    1、 Single side two spindle unit, HIWIN linear rail slide push the spindle unit at the same time to complete drilling, tapping, milling process

    2、 One-time clamping, can place 2 workpiece, complete finish drilling, tapping, milling process, heavy-duty Cutting

    Product Structure

    l   High rigid structure, base use pentahedral milling machine one time processing, to ensure the concentricity of the two spindle units, the best stability

    l  Suitable for medium and large quantities of copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, steel need both sides at the same time processing workpiece

    l High Quality Mihanna Castings, the structure of finite element analysis, to achieve the best stability

    l X, Y axis are used Taiwan HIWIN precision class large diameter screw Rod, and to be appropriately pre-pressed, the tail using pre-pull Shooting

    Main technical parameters:

    Name Unit Model Number
    ZSK4950×4 ZSK4950×2 ZSK4950×2B Remark
    Numerical Control System   PLC(if equipped with cnc system can get the milling function) KY CNS System PLC Be optional
    Spindle function   drilling、tapping milling drilling  
    Hydraulic system Standard   CML CML Pneumatic device  
    Spindle numbers –2-4 4 2 2  
    Spindle taper # MT4 MT4 MT4  
    Spindle center distance mm 120  
    双边主轴单元距离 mm        
    Extendable length of spindle mm 100 100 100  
    Diameter of spindle sleeve mm φ105 φ105 φ105  
    Spindle speed r/min 1-3000 960 1440  
    X / Y / Z feed rate mm 3000MM 3000MM  
    Spindle unit stroke (X axis) mm  600(linear rail) 120(linear rail) 120 (spindle scale)  
    Maximum drilling diameter (Copper Parts) mm 50mm 50(milling) 50mm  
     Table sizes mm 400*500mm 400*500mm 200*230mm  
    Table Travel (Y axis) mm 500mm 500mm 120mm(manual front and back,up and down adjustable )  
    Distance from spindle end to Table End mm 150-400mm 170-300mm 120-270mm  
    Machine size mm 1800*1500*2000 1800*1500*1800 1200*2000*1700  
    Machine Weight KG 3000KG 2000KG 1500KG  

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